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In matchmaking terms, once the team has determined your perfect PM software match and made the introduction, one of the trio will step in and make sure the early dating stages go smoothly…so you and your team can live happily ever after.

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Kirsten Ebey

Founder, Partner & Consulting Project Manager


Kirsten is a process magician, a project software matchmaking genius/guru, and an integration ninja. While working as a project manager for large, internationally well-known companies, she realized that she has a gift for achieving clarity, efficiency, and excellence while creating happy teams that work & celebrate successes together.  

“Where others think this work is tedious, I absolutely LOVE it. Creating more efficient teams while learning processes across industries all over the globe? Sign me up!”
-Kirsten Ebey


Steve Mercer

Partner & Consulting Project Manager


A former finance & marketing professional, Steve went rogue to pursue a life beyond numbers and spreadsheets – in fact, now he’s rather passionate about helping organizations eliminate spreadsheets as their primary organizational tool. In leading various cross-functional teams in the execution of business goals through development, analysis, and process improvement, Steve’s found he has a knack for improving processes to make them more lean and efficient.

“Spreadsheets were created for data and mathematics. If you’re using them for anything else, it’s time to hop in the Delorean and come back to present day. Like Doc Brown said, ‘Spreadsheets? Where we’re going we don’t need spreadsheets.’”
-Steve Mercer


Brittni Lighthizer

Consulting Project Manager


Rounding out the Path to Summit team, Brittni brings her extensive background in training, sales, and business development to the company. To arm herself with a new set of skills for more robust API integrations and automations, Brittni completed a Developer Bootcamp in 2020. Once processes are defined/refined, Brittni is a mastermind at facilitating efficient communication between popular systems like Zoho & Zapier. 

“Well-built integrations and automations allow our clients to spend less time as tech specialists and more time doing the work they actually enjoy.”
-Brittni Lighthizer